About Ask Mr.Owl*SM

Our Purpose and Mission

The purpose of Ask Mr.Owl*SM is to provide the most accurate, unbiased research possible to its user base. It accomplishes this objective through anonymous funding of information and the random nature of using multiple report sources for the information all of which have no stake in the consequences of releasing unbiased opinions and results.

To provide the above information on equities and other subject matter that may have no analyst or industry coverage at the lowest price possible. We accomplish this objective by pulling together parties with a common interest and allowing each party to contribute to the maximum of their individual willingness to pay.

Please see our "How Mr.Owl Works" page for full information on how our site works.


Credits for pledging are $1 US each. You may pledge as much as you like.

Subscriberships are $2 US per month. Subscriberships are optional and not necessary to participate in pledging. Subscriberships grant access to Phase IV distribution.

Credits are non-refundable.

Credits can be purchased online through our merchant services.

Credits can also be purchased by mailing in funds. Funds received via mail will receive 1% bonus credits. We accept money orders, cashier's checks and personal checks. Personal checks are subject to a fund clearing period. Make sure to print out the mail-in form from your account and include it when sending in funds.